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Gorilla Glass is a jewelry manufacturer from Oaxaca, Mexico.

You can find more information about the people and employees behind Gorilla Glass here.

The team in Germany

 Our German team: LOVELY LOBES

The founder

Jason Pfohl, der Gründer von Gorilla Glass Mexiko Jason Pfohl founded Gorilla Glass in 2002. More…

The organisational team

Das Organisationsteam von Gorilla Glass Customer service is very important to  Gorilla-Glass and the company would not be where it is without its hard-working and comitted employees. More…

The production team

Das Produktionsteam von Gorilla Glass Gorilla Glass products are made by hand by a group of highly qualified craftspeople in Oaxaca. More…

The headquarters

Das Hauptquartier von Gorilla Glass Gorilla Glass was founded in a garage in Mexico in 2002. In 2004 the company moved to Oaxaca-City which is in the south of Mexico. More…